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Psychotherapeutic Yoga Classes Offered

Enjoy these unedited recorded classes on YouTube:

Resilience and Immune Support
recorded March 26, 2020

Collective Anxiety and Trauma + Respiratory Strengthening Technique
recorded April 2, 2020

On Death and Existential Anxiety
recorded April 9, 2020

On Grief and Yoga as a Painkiller
recorded April 16, 2020

Finding Meaning and Deep Healing in Grief, Detox Practice
recorded April 23, 2020

Compassion During Crisis
recorded April 30, 2020

Generating Happiness, Even During Hardship
recorded May 7, 2020

Interpersonal Mindfulness - The Foundation to Healthy Relationships
recorded May 14, 2020

Working with the Mind-Body System to Obtain Optimal Wellness
recorded May 21, 2020

Mindful Yoga as a Therapeutic Healing Practice
recorded May 28, 2020

Class Schedule
Mind Balance Yoga classes are not currently being offered in-studio. Recordings from livestream classes are on YouTube.

Community Yoga
Once per month Dr. Morrow teaches Community Yoga at Morning Light Yoga Studio
1319 N. Government Way, Coeur d'Alene, ID
9:00-10:00 Saturday mornings
$5 or what one can afford
See Morning Light Yoga on Facebook for the schedule of teachers each month.